Elite 4 Security Service

Guarding (Armed and Unarmed Security Guard)

Armed Security : The primary responsibility of an Armed Security Guard is to protect designated areas and persons. An Armed Security Guard's primary mission is to protect life, property, and premises from dangers and risks.
Unarmed Security : At businesses, organisations, and residential properties, unarmed security guards ensure a safe and secure atmosphere. They patrol the property, manage access, and investigate problems.

V.I.P / PSO / Close Protection / Personal Bodygaurd

VIP protection refers to providing personal protection services to high-profile clients and their families in order to ensure their peace of mind, safety, and security. People can be classified as VIPs if they hold a high governmental or business position, are celebrities, or are otherwise well-known or high-profile.

Access Control

An Unarmed Security Guard's primary responsibility is access control. People, material (property), and data are all protected by a security guard. Only authorised people have access to an asset, which could be a person, a piece of property, or data.

CCTV Surveillance

Closed-circuit television, or CCTV, is a security monitor system that allows you to keep a constant check on what's going on around or in your organisation. Monitors and cameras that allow you to observe current events, as well as recorders that preserve footage for later use, are all included in CCTV security systems.

Event Security Management

Unwanted people will not be able to join your event and ruin it if you hire a security firm. In some cases, events on a medium or large scale might spiral out of control. As a result, having a security staff on the job would aid with crowd management. Your visitors will feel appreciated and at ease.

Mining Security

To name a few security features, a typical mining security management system might include manned guarding, CCTV surveillance, access control, perimeter security, fire protection, alarms, X-Ray systems, and plant management systems, to name a few.

Dog Squad

The Dog Squad service is primarily used to track explosives and to aid local police in the investigation of serious crimes. Its services are regularly used at critical locations such as the airport, railway station, and Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple.

Society Management

To name a few, society management includes the creation of maintenance bills and receipts, maintenance collection, community fund accounting, helpdesk management, building management, personnel management, and gate security management.

Manpower Consultancy

Manpower Consultancy

A manpower recruitment consultant serves as a link between "organisations trying to hire new employees" and "individuals looking for work."  manpower consultant serves two type of customers: the Client and the Candidate. The company contacts the Manpower Recruitment Consultants to learn about their fees, or the recruiters make calls or meet with various organisations to form partnerships and obtain requirements. Then there's a charge negotiation, and then both parties sign a mutual agreement with some Terms and Conditions under which they'll work.

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