Elite 4 Security Service
Why Choose ELITE?

Professional Guard

Hire experienced, top-tier private security guards, such as bouncers and special protection experts, at a moderate cost.

Featured Surveillance

Featured Surveillance

We provide a complete range of security solutions, day and night vision to improve security & enhance capabilities.

Personal Gaurd

Event Protection

We assist event organisers in ensuring safety of guests, participants, vehicles, and other assets present at the event with our comprehensive security.

Great Support

Great Support

Simply being present make people feel safer, interacting with them and offering assistance, both of which are hallmarks of excellent customer service.

Our Services
01.Guarding (Armed and Unarmed Security Guard)

Armed Security is equipped to cope with higher-level emergency & Unarmed cope with business that face low to medium emergency.

03.Access Control

Access control security limits who or what can see or use resources. It reduces the risk to the company or organisation.

05.Events & Mining Security

A mining security system combines various aspects of security, including: Guarding, CCTV Surveillance, Access Control.

Service Logo
02.V.I.P / PSO / Close Protection / Personal Bodygaurd

At a reasonable cost, hire experienced, top-tier private security guards, such as bouncers and special protection experts.

04.CCTV Surveillance

We offer a full spectrum of security systems, including day and night vision, to help boost security and capabilities.

06.Dog Squad

The Dog Squad service is primarily used to track explosives and to aid local police in the investigation of serious crimes.


Security Guard Services that have been Tried, Tested and Proven

Are you looking for a high-quality security guard service in your area? You've arrived to the right location.

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